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Coomaraswamy : le Soi pour unique refuge

lundi 24 novembre 2008


[1D.II.101 : atta-dīpā viharatha atta-saranā . . . dhamma-dīpā dhamma-saranā. Cf. Sn.501 : ye atta-dīpā vicaranti loke akimcanā sabbadhi vippamuttā’, Dh. 146, 232 : andhakārena onaddhā padīpam na gavessatha ... so karohi dīpam attano. The admonition “Make the Self your refuge” (kareyya saranattano, S.III. 143) enjoins what the Buddha himself has done, who says “I have made the Self my refuge” (katam me saranam attano, D.II. 120) ; for, indeed, “as he teaches, so he does” (yathā vādi, tathā kãri, A.II.23, III. 135, Sn.357) ; which tathā is often made the basis of the epithet “Tathāgata.”
The Buddhist “lamp” texts correspond to Svet.Up.II. 15 : “When the bridled man by means of his own Self-suchness, as if by the light of a lamp (ātma-tatvena . . . dīpopamena), perceives the Brahma-suchness, unborn, steadfast, clean of all other suchnesses, then knowing God he is liberated from all ills.” The Spirit (ātman) is our light when all other lights have gone out (BU.IV.3.6).

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